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How to get Viagra without a doctor in Australia

How to get Viagra without a doctor in AustraliaViagra is a well-known drug that aids men in achieving erections for sexual activity. It is currently prescription based and requires a doctor’s permission in order to obtain. It’s primary use is for men who struggle with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It’s also used for high blood pressure some cases as well. It generally aids in the flow of blood to the penis, thereby aiding in achieving an erection. It has been approved for use since 1998. It must be carefully taken per doctors’ orders and must not be taken alongside other specific medicines. Inability to follow the prescribed directions can lead to adverse effects such as heart attacks, stroke, and much more. Though it is a fairly common drug now, it is still crucial to follow directions and take as directed by a qualified doctor.

Viagra is a stimulant and an additive drug that works alongside sexual stimulation. It does not automatically cause an erection, but instead, it helps to increase blood flow as a man is sexually stimulated by cues. This distinction is made in print on every box of the medicine to inform men of its intended use and what it can and cannot do.

Even when used appropriately, Viagra has a list of side effects, including headache, diarrhea, upset stomach, dizziness, heartburn, runny nose, flushing, nosebleeds, difficulty sleeping, sensitivity to light, muscle pains, numbness, vision changes, and more. It is important to be aware of any serious side effects and engage a doctor when appropriate.

It is highly important to carefully consult a doctor prior to use and to ensure a healthy and optimal way to use for sexual activity. It is generally not recommended to consume Viagra alongside alcohol or other kinds of drugs due to potential adverse effects.

Viagra works usually within a half hour to an hour and can last up to 5 hours. It can vary depending on a whole slew of factors. Most men find that the effects wear off after a few hours. The effects tend to last longer in older men who have generally slower metabolism. Food consumption also impacts the duration of the effects as eating a large meal with the drug can take longer to digest. The dose will also impact how long it lasts as higher doses will raise efficacy of the drug. General health can also have impact on the duration due to the body’s breaking down of the drug.

In extreme cases, Viagra can cause an erection, which at times can be painful, and last longer than the allotted or recommended timeframe. If this occurs, it’s important to consult a doctor immediately. Viagra should also not be used more than once a day.

Though efficacy can range among men, there have been a large concentration of user, especially that of older men, who swear by Viagra and use it every time for intercourse. They state that they have stronger, longer lasting, and firmer erection when using Viagra and have found it to have a pleasant impact to their sex life.

Viagra can be bought through a primary doctor or online with a prescription in Australia. Prices generally range from around a few dollars per pill. Because it is a famous drug, it is commonplace and easy to find either by searching online or reaching out to mass pharmacies.