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Cialis: ordering through an online pharmacy

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that affects millions of males worldwide. It is a disorder that involves the phenomenon of males that are able to get an erection but unable to keep or maintain the erection during or before sexual intercourse. Although erectile dysfunction is a disorder than usually comes with age and is seen in men once they reach the ages over 50, many young men are seen having experience this disorder in as early as their early to mid 20s. Although some of the symptoms experienced by these men involve psychological issues, some of the symptoms may be fixed or somewhat treated with a class of medications called PD5 inhibitors. PDE-5 inhibitors work in a manner of inhibiting the PDE5 hormone process that causes the blood vessels in the penis to remain fully dilated and allow the blood flow to remain in the penis, causing the penis to remain fully erect. This allows men to experience a full and long lasting erection in order to experience the full pleasure of sexual intercourse.

There are many medications that fall under the category of PD5 inhibitors. One of the most well known PD5 inhibitor medications is called Cialis. This medication works to keep erections over hours at a time, helping men achieve full sexual peak experience throughout how long they may want to have sexual intercourse. Although Viagra was one of the first medications of its kind to be classified as a PDE5 inhibitor, Cialis is a new and more modified version that has been clinically proven to be stronger, more potent, and longer lasting that the initial PD5 inhibitors given. The Cialis medication is an orally administered medication, although there are injections available, the oral medication is the most widely known version of this medication.


The medications comes in different doses depending on the gravity of the disorder than an individual may have. The smallest dose is 5 mg and it may be given as an initial trial of the medication in order to see how effective the medication is for the symptoms.
An individual can then start moving up to 10 mg and 25 mg and all the way up to 50mg. Patients can use a trial and error method in order to figure out which dose of medication is the right choice for their symptoms. The common factor of these medication is that they must be taken up to an hour before sexual intercourse. Some of the known side effects of this class of medications is headaches, stuffy nose, and possibly an erection that last more than 4 hours in which case an individual must go to the emergency room. For the headaches a simple NSAID may be taken with Cialis in order to offset the side effect. In Australia, the most efficient way to obtain the medication without having to worry about seeing a physician in their office in person is ordering online through an online pharmacy. You can buy them either as individual pills or as packs. The convenience of ordering from home, picking your dose and quantity, and having free delivery makes this an ideal option for those who would like to avoid the uncomfortable trip to the doctor.